What is actually WurmTools.com?

The ultimate collection of useful tools for online sandbox game WurmOnline!

I am currently working on this site, so expect huge improvements like changing the layout a bit, registering and logging in, private maps, custom markers on the maps, permissions for viewing/editing the maps and more calculators/tools.

Current news

I have finished the upgraded map viewer written completely in Java as an applet, which will contain vastly more features than the previous viewer(custom maps, markers, permission handling :)). You can also expect design upgrade soon!

Server status
Login server on
Independence 75 on map
Deliverance 33 on map
Exodus 38 on map
Celebration 18 on map
Chaos 31 on map
Elevation 12 on map
Affliction 17 on map
Desertion 24 on map
Serenity 23 on map
Pristine 43 on map
Release 73 on map
Total players: 387
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